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Friday, March 5, 2010

Kids Day Out 3-4-10

An amazing March day of fishing with the kids. Weather was high 30's/sunny, and the fish were hungry. Both kids reeled in trout, and had turns netting fish. Angler: Brian Bradfield

Fishing buddies.

Brian's nice one.

Little net man.

My daughters first brown trout

Fish on!

Reeling in and ready to go.

Car packed... it was hard to leave.


  1. Want to trade? I'll trade you one crappy job at a place that wont be around much longer, with no time off, no holiday pay (but have to work holidays), and pay cuts, for whatever job you have that allows you to get out fishing as much as you do. Oh, and you also get to clean my house and do the dishes! So, is it a deal?

    Great to see the kids fishing! Mine love to go with me!

  2. Mike,
    I'm going to have to say no the trade... sorry man! I will invite you out fishing sometime (hopefully soon by the sounds of your comment!). Let me know the next time you go out and we'll meet up, inland or trib.

    Thanks for the visit!